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Royal Wedding Cocktails

The Royal Wedding Signature Cocktail Collection from Luxurious Wedding Cocktails by Dress The Drink pays tribute to the bubbly that will be flowing for the Royal Wedding and reveals the symbolism behind a Wedding Signature Cocktail: YIN YANG Refreshing and classically elegant, the YIN YANG is a Kate & Wills inspired Signature Cocktail from Luxurious Wedding Cocktails by Dress The Drink. It signifies the blending of their lives to become one, yet remain distinctive. We rimmed the glass with our Black Sea Salt on one side and Lemon Ginger Sugar on the other side to represent their uniqueness. Because one of Kate's favorite flowers is the Lily, we accented the cocktail with a Dress The Drink white chocolate Precious Petal Calla Lily. The Calla Lily symbolizes the beauty of a relationship that will bloom continuously when lovingly nurtured. YIN YANG Signature Cocktail is similar to a Lemon Drop Martini using Gin. UNVEILING Our Luxurious Wedding by Dress The Drink White S