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Oprah Wears Tejani Bridal Jewelry In The December 2008 Issue Of O Magazine

Luxurious Wedding shines its spotlight on the Tejani Bridal Jewelry Collection for decorating the ears of the exciting and ever effervescent Oprah. On the inside cover of the December 2008 issue of O Magazine, Oprah looks stunning and sexy as she gets ready to usher in the holiday season. The Tejani Earrings Oprah selected are perfectly proportioned to compliment her features. Notice how they draw attention to her cheekbones giving her an enviable chiseled look. It's no secret that Luxurious Wedding loves the Tejani Jewelry Collection for just this reason. Tejani will customize your bridal jewelry so it fits perfectly. The beauty of Tejani is that their whole collection is designed to make you look beautiful. Who wouldn't want to look like they stepped out of the pages of a magazine on their wedding day. Oprah's Tejani earrings are made with black onyx mixed with sparkle, shine, and a sensational attitude. These Tejani earrings and their entire bridal jewelry collectio