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The Wedding Of Chelsea Clinton

The Chuppah.
The Chuppah was amazing.. It was constructed out of willow branches and decorated with white roses and hydrangeas. It was shaped like a dome, almost like a pavilion, and in the evening, after the ceremony during the dinner dance, it was lit up so we could see it.

The Ceremony.
It was all outside and the weather was great. Yarmulkes for the men, and fans for everyone in case it got hot. The Ceremony was very Jewish, about 80%. The rabbi did most of the talking and they had a nice Ketubah on display. They had a Sheva Brachot whereby the Rabbi read each one in Hebrew, and then a reader repeated it English. At the end when Marc broke the glass, the Rabbi told us that they would use the broken pieces and put them back together to make a Mezuzah for their apartment. Chelsea told a friend it was her idea, and that she researched it and bought it at the Jewish Museum. Clearly a lot of thought had gone into the ceremony and it was really lovely right at sunset.

The Ketubah.
The ket…