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Sylvia Weinstock Sensational Cakes

Sylvia Weinstock never ceases to deliver shock and awe with her luxurious wedding cake designs that are always the focal point of your wedding reception. Every bride knows she is facing touch completion when she enters the same space as a Sylvia Weinstock cake. A Sylvia Weinstock cake is meant to dazzle the eyes as well as the palate. It's very hard to take your eyes off of it as you watch it command the attention it so deserves. In her most recent book, Sensational Cakes , Sylvia Weinstock reveals her new and inspirational cake designs. Sensational Cakes gives you an insider’s tour of the world of Sylvia Weinstock , from the fabulous fĂȘtes to her artisans workshop where she and her assistants bake and embellish her confectionary masterpieces. She even reveals some of her secret recipes for cakes, frostings, and fillings that will make you stand up and applaud. If you are looking for luxurious wedding cake ideas, then Sensational Cakes will give you plenty of food for thought