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Tartan Plaid Wedding Invitation from the Impress Me Designs Collection

Tartan patterns, such as the British luxury tartan pattern made famous by Burberry of London, can be found on trenchcoats, handbags and accessories. And now Luxurious Wedding Invitation Designer, Celeste Simpson of Impress Me Designs , pays tribute to the panache of the tartan plaid. Using an imported tartan fabric from Scotland, Impress Me Designs has create a couture and bespoke wedding invitation for a bride so enamored with Burberry that she longed to have the Burberry plaid incorporated into her winter wedding at the historic Lord Thompson Manor in Connecticut. The bride wanted the wedding reception to be decked out in tartan plaid and even the groom and the groomsmen to be resplendently attired in Burberry plaid accessories. For this Tartan Plaid Wedding Invitation, Impress Me Designs applied the tartan plaid fabric as a backdrop to frame the elegant letterpress invitation printed with the matching colours of champagne, burgundy and black. A black pocket coverlet was used