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You're Engaged! Celebrate & Announce The News Over A Centerpiece Cake & Champagne

Sweeten the news of your engagement with a bottle of your favorite champagne and a magnificent wedding centerpiece cake from Elegant Cheese Cakes. Susan Morgan, of Food Network fame, dreams up these fantastically beautiful and "oh so delicious" cake designs to ship all over the planet for her addicted devotees.

Elegant Cheese Cakes are simply to die for and come in delectable flavours such as: Citrus infused cheesecake, Bittersweet raspberry swirl, Triple mocha on a shortbread crust, Bourbon vanilla on a chocolate macadamia nut crust, Milk toffee swirl on a praline crust, and our all time favorite, Chocolate decadence.

Centerpiece Cakes are perfect for a holiday party or a special gift for a loved one with a sweet tooth.

Santa Says there may be a special Christmas present available for the fans of the Luxurious Wedding Style Report, so if you are asked for a code use ’luxuriouscocoloco’. Luxurious Coco Loco.

Special offers, like free shipping, apply to certain cake designs so …