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Showing posts from January 18, 2008

Wedding Invitation In Full Bloom

Lovely and lavish ... this couture wedding invitation by Embellishments is elegant and beautifully defined. Encased in a matching silk box, the red silk rose vibrantly accents the letterpress wedding invitation. Other couture invitations from Embellishments include an exciting selection of custom bejeweled designs. View more couture wedding invitation designers.

A Guestbook Becomes A Wedding Keepsake

This Signature Mat is made from a beautiful, highly polished alloy that can be signed with ease by your guests with a non-mechanical Signature Engraving Scribe. In the center is an opening for an 8x10 photo. A lovely idea for you to forever cherish the sentiments of your close family, friends and wedding party. Why not have one for each! You could even order one for everyone in your wedding party as a gift. After the wedding, write a thank you to each one and insert their picture from the wedding. The Signature Mat comes with a contemporary black beveled solid wood frame. It also includes a Plexiglas cover, additional cardboard matting, black backing, and hanging hardware.