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The Groom's Survival Kit - An Absolute 'Must Have' For His Wedding Day

Your groom and his men will keep their composure on the big day with this Groom's Survival Kit . The kit includes all the essentials to keep his stress level at a minimum. Inside is a collection of 26 wedding day solutions for any emergency that befalls the groom. Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Dental Floss, Mints, Pain Reliever, Antacid, Facial Tissues, Deodorant, Razor, Shaving Cream, Styptic Pencil, Adhesive Bandages, Nail Clipper, Hair Comb, Interior Mirror, Lint Remover, Mending Kit, Scissors, Safety Pins, Boutonniere Pins, Stain Remover, Static Remover, Wrinkle Remover, Stress Ball Keychain, Extra Wedding Bands, Black Socks. Have they not thought of everything? If not, add any last minute thoughts to the collection yourself. This sleek and practical Groom's attaché is made of silver chrome and is topped with a stress ball...just in case! This is a "totally must have" for your man...and for you too!