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Swarovski Crystal Wine Stopper Wedding Favor

Think Swarovski crystal and you immediately think of something sparkling and pretty. Think Murano blown glass and you think of elite blown glass art. Combine the two and you have a wedding favor your guests will cherish. These pretty fabulous Swarovski crystal wine bottle stoppers are an elegant Thank You. Their sparkle and shine is blinding. Their craftsmanship is perfection. The crystals are shaped into the form of a rose and are available in pink, blue, lavender, yellow, red, and teal. Imported from Italy, each stopper is made of high-quality chrome that will not tarnish. They measure 3.5" in length and are individually packaged with a certificate guaranteeing that each stopper is entirely hand-crafted using Swarovski crystal components and Murano blown glass. View these fantastic Swarovski Crystal Wine Stoppers.