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Flawless Diamond Engagement Rings From The Crown Jeweller Designed For The Royal Family

Extremely valuable and coveted, a totally flawless diamond is very rare. According to GARRARD, the world's oldest jeweller, who designed the engagement rings for Princess Diana and many in the Royal Family, a flawless diamond is often invisible to the naked eye. Flawlessness is determined by the size, quantity, color and position of inclusions which are studied with a 10X jeweller’s loupe to determine a diamond’s clarity.

Less than one percent of gem quality diamonds ever found have no inclusions and can be called flawless or internally flawless, graded FL or IF. The fewer and smaller the inclusions, the rarer and more valuable the diamond. Very pronounced inclusions, which can be seen without the aid of a magnifying glass, are graded Pique 1 to Pique 3. Except for antique or period pieces, GARRARD only sell diamonds that are graded from flawless to VS2.

Since 1843, when Queen Victoria bestowed the honour of Crown Jeweller on the company, GARRARD has served six successive monarch…

Atlanta Cake Designer Sweet Infinity Cakes

Meet Atlanta Wedding Cake Designer, Juanita Threlkeld, of Sweet Infinity Cakes at the PattyCakes Creative Cake Competition in Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday, December 5th. Sweet Infinity Cakes will join top pastry chefs, cake bakers and cake artistans to showcase their masterpieces to professional judges and vie for the grand prize.

Sponsored by Glenn Mack, President of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Atlanta, the PattyCakes Creative Cake - Holiday Cake Affair Competition will benefit the Atlanta Union Mission/My Sisters House. At the multi-cultural PattyCakes Creative Cake Competition you can have more than your share of cake and help those in need. Cake lovers, cake artisans, pastry chefs, food service professionals, and the public at large can enjoy a variety of desserts, cake demonstrations and meet renowned judges and speakers. Guest and contestants will have the opportunity to sample desserts as well as win items ranging from gift certificates to top of cake tiers!