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160 Luxurious Wedding Bouquet Ideas Fill The Pages Of Bouquet Chic by Kimberly Aurora Kapur

Bouquet Chic is a must have addition to your wedding book collection. 160 bountiful, creative and chic wedding bouquets fill the pages of Bouquet Chic which shows us inventive and luxurious wedding bouquet concepts with unexpected floral combinations, color mixtures, texture and shine. Her bouquets are beautiful, different, romantic and startling.

I have been a fan of Seattle wedding flower designer, Kimberly Aurora Kapur and Romantic Flowers for years. I always take a peek from time to time to see what creative eye candy Kimberly is serving up. So you can image how delighted I was when she asked me to review her new book Bouquet Chic.

Bouquet Chic gives us an insight into the possibilities of what can be done for your wedding bouquet, not what has been done.

Kimberly makes it seem so simple, with helpful ideas and demonstrations on how one could do it yourself.
But .....why would you want to? Buy 2 copies of Bouquet Chic priced under 15USD, and give one to your floral designer.