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Showing posts from June 15, 2009

Amazon's Kindle DX Is Very Green

Amazon's Kindle DX is very Green when it comes to eliminating the carbon footprint of your paper trail. The Kindle readers are wireless reading devices. But the new Kindle DX has increased its reading area and added other goodies. The Kindle DX is light in weight but it is no light weight. It is bigger and better. Over 300,000 books to read, not to mention the NY Times and virtually anything else that is in print. Even our Luxurious Wedding Style Report is available on Kindle. Loving that! You can read wedding books, blogs, magazines and newspapers on Kindle. Or ask the Kindle DX and it will read books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers out loud to you. Feeling so pampered. Transfer your MP3 files to Kindle DX and listen to music while you read. Feeling so soothed. Upload your wedding inspiration boards, contracts and PDF's to read at your leisure or on the go. Feeling so organized. With Kindle there is no wireless setup, no monthly wireless bills, data plans