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Luxurious Wedding publisher, Adrienne Meredith, spoke with David Tutera about his new season of MY FAIR WEDDING beginning this Sunday, September 27th, on WE tv 10pm est. Centered around the concept that "Every Bride Has A Vision. He Has Revisions", David Tutera delights in taking you through the process of reining in the kaleidoscopic wedding ideas of each bride. An excellent insight for working with your Wedding Planner and Wedding Producer who should always have your best interest in mind. Their advice is always based on what the final result will be. A weak wedding planner who gives in to a bad idea has no concern for your best interest. David Tutera draws his inspirations from current events, TV, Movies, the Theater, and Fashion to keep his ideas fresh and exciting. In MY FAIR WEDDING, David Tutera offers his incites and ideas for turning mishmash into magnificence. When planning your Luxurious Wedding remember: Be a Trend Setter not a Trend Follower. David Tu