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Romantic Wedding Parasols For Any Summer Or Beach Wedding

These Romantic Wedding Parasols are absolutely necessary for any beach or summer wedding. We call them 'Shades of Love'! They are charming and useful for shading your guests from harmful rays and the glare of the sun. They are available in a huge array of colors and are made from delicate yet strong rice paper with matching paper covered finials and supported by a carved wooden handle. The rice paper parasol is also eco-friendly for a Green Wedding. Display the Parasols in several large baskets or urns at the entry to your ceremony area. Place a Parasol on each chair with the wedding program attached. They can also be used as a wedding favor. Your Wedding Calligrapher can decorate it with 'Love' or a monogram. Each of your bridesmaids could carry one with different wording ... Love Adore Cherish. It makes a great image for a phenomenal Wedding Photojournalist to capture! You could even attach a mini booklet that chronicles your love story for your guests to read.