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Red Is The Rebel Bridal Shoe

Red is for Ravishing. Red is for Romance. But the best kept secret is the Red Bridal Shoe that you are wearing under your white wedding gown.

Red keeps you grounded in who you are. Red reminds you that even though there is pomp and circumstance around you and you are awash in billows of white, it is the flame and flare of your personal style that has brought you to this moment. The flame and the flare is what your man loves about you.

Red Bridal Shoes will absorb the fire under you and disperse the panic and stress. You can peek down and know that you are not a conformist, but a woman of style and sensuality. Red is the Rebel Bridal Shoe that you will wear with jeans or a cocktail dress long after the wedding.
Be Real. Be Ravishing. Be A Rebel.

Couture Bridal Shoes from Valentino and Alan Pinkus.