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Showing posts from February 20, 2008

Letterpress Wedding Invitations Are Known As The Hallmark Of Exquisite Taste

A letterpress wedding invitation is elegant, lavish and luxurious. For centuries letterpress invitations have been admired as the hallmark of exquisite taste. And for the modern bride, these letterpress invitations are exquisitely chic. Letterpress is a printing form but it is also an artform. A letterpress invitation is as distinctive as you are. The design images and fonts are pressed into thick paper leaving an indent. Then each invitation is fed into the letterpress printer by hand. It is no small task, but the end result is a wedding invitation with distinction and soul. Letterpress invitations are perfect on their own or enclosed inside a silk box or pouch. View our Letterpress Invitation Designers .

Champagne Toasting Flutes - Sleek, Modern and Simply Marvelous

You are a modern bride. You are sleek. You are always looking for that certain something that indicates you are in the know. These sleek and modern Champagne Toasting Flutes are the perfect choice for your wedding toast. Conceived by Netherlands-based designer Alissia Melka-Teichroew, these handmade Toasting Flutes are the iconic flute housed inside a discreet outer tube. The mouth-blown double-walled Toasting Glasses ensures the bubbly stays crisp and cold, sip after sip throughout your wedding day.