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Crystal Minaudiere Bridal Purses

The Juliet and Julieta Minaudiere Bridal Purses from Luxurious Wedding Accessories can be used as the Ring Presentation Box for the ceremony and converted to your Bridal Purse for the reception. Roomy enough for a lipstick and other small essentials. The top opens up to reveal a beveled mirror to keep your beauty in check. After the wedding use as a jewelery box and a purse for any special occasion. Designed by the world renowned artisan, Vivian Alexander, they are lined with sand washed silk and include the Vivian Alexander hallmark beveled mirror and a mesh rope wrist chain. These elegant purses of Vivian Alexander are made of pure silver and enamel which is embellished with a design outlined in Swarovski Crystals. Made in the USA, using fine silver, Swarovski crystals or gemstones, and translucent enamel. Each Vivian Alexander purse is of the highest quality and highly revered in the world of international fashion. Alexander was honored when he was commissioned by the Forbes fami