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Lighting Decor Transforms A Ballroom

Magic was achieved by transforming the ballroom of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington, DC with creative lighting decor. The bride and groom, who had Lebanese heritage, worked with their wedding planner,to simulate the essence of a night in their native country. As the evening festivities progressed, the lighting kept pace with the mood of the room. When the guests initially arrived amber and burgundy uplighting flooded the room. The lamps alternated in color along each side of the two largest walls to provide a warm and romantic glow. The large ballroom space was able to fade away because the lighting produced a sense of depth and intimacy. The table decor was brought into focus with pin spot lights shining down on the centerpieces. Candles were used along the base of the centerpiece to complete the romance of the table decor. After dinner, the dance floor was washed in deep purple lighting, and the lighting around the room evolved with the addition of a purple hue for the e