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Couture Cocktail Garnishes - The Centerpiece Of Your Celebration

Luxurious Wedding Recommends... The Couture Cocktail Garnish . Oh so chic. Oh so captivating to look at. Oh so delicious to drink. Amaze your guests with these Couture Cocktail and Beverage Garnishes available through Luxurious Wedding . We call them the 'Centerpiece of your Celebration', you will call them the 'wow factor' that has been missing from your wedding decor. Garnishes and Recipes for every wedding and event color palette. From water to wine. From cocktails to cake. The Luxurious Wedding | Dress The Drink Signature Garnishes are so pretty and completely irresistible. Real edible flowers with a sweetglaze coating floating in water and wine glasses. 24K crushed edible gold lacing the rims of the glasses. Sizzle sticks of Belgian Chocolate with an edible flower on the tip for your beverage or coffee. An edible rose bud floating in Champagne with an edible crushed gold or sliver garnished rim for your toast. Cupcakes and cakes decorated with our