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Halloween Wedding, Event & Party Twists & Treats

A Halloween Wedding or Engagement Party filled with mayhem and mischief will be a huge sensation for guests who are expecting a traditional event. There are numerous 'haunted' venues like the Belcourt Castle in Newport, Rhode Island which are luxurious in feeling with overtones of Gothic mystery and filled with stories of ghosts in their history. Catch your guests off guard with these devilish and delicious Halloween cocktail garnishes from Luxurious Wedding | Dress The Drink. They will be amazed when they are serve your bridal potion of persuasion. Who knows what luck will be bestowed upon them as they sip your Halloween nectar of good cheer to ward off evil spirits. The Luxurious Wedding | Dress The Drink Halloween Garnish Collection features our recipes with companion munchy garnishes to rim the glasses consisting of berries, fruits, edible silver flakes and flavored sugars to ignite the fire of festivities for your guests. Luxurious Wedding recommends... that yo