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A Hindu Wedding Ceremony Is The Debut To A Fusion Wedding

A wedding is a fusion of mutual love and respect. For the wedding of Shejal Desai and Josh Carpenter it was also a visual demonstration in the fusion of ethnic and religious cultures.

The bride and groom wanted a wedding where the wedding guests could experience the harmonious blending of the Hindu and Christian cultures through the eyes of the bride and groom.
Held at the Evergreen Museum & Library in Baltimore Maryland, everything was in keeping with its historical elements. The theme was pure vintage romance combined with the delicate details of historic Indian old world charm. The use of natural elements in the d├ęcor includes branches, curly willow and wild flowers. The color palette of sage green, vanilla bean, paprika and chocolate brown came to life under a white tent draped with sumptuous fabric. Wrought iron candlestick chandeliers added a soft amber glow to contrast with the lighting decor focused to illuminate the top of the tent.
For the ceremony the bride wore a custom…