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Bridal Waist Wreathe By OSSAI COUTURE Is Acclaimed By Luxurious Wedding As A Must Have Bridal Adornment

From her atelier in San Francisco, Zalikha Safdari of OSSAI COUTURE displays a remarkable talent for all things beautiful and dramatic. The OSSAI COUTURE bridal sashes are so stunning that Luxurious Wedding has acclaimed them as the 'must have' bridal adornment for this year and anointed them the Luxurious Wedding Bridal Waist Wreathe. Your wedding gown will never be duplicated when you encircle your waist with a custom Bridal Waist Wreathe designed just for you. Imagine how dramatic a Bridal Waist Wreathe would look as an accent for your bridesmaids. A simply classic bridesmaids dress encircled with a show stopping Bridal Waist Wreathe. Simply Magnificent. OSSAI COUTURE makes you crave to personalize everything for our wedding. The Bridal Waist Wreathe can even become your wedding theme. Use the same jeweled elements on your embellished wedding invitations as a hint of what is to come. Every thing from OSSAI COUTURE is exciting and extraordinaire. Choose from the OSSA