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Royal Wedding Cocktails

The Royal Wedding Signature Cocktail Collection from Luxurious Wedding Cocktails by Dress The Drink pays tribute to the bubbly that will be flowing for the Royal Wedding and reveals the symbolism behind a Wedding Signature Cocktail:


Refreshing and classically elegant, the YIN YANG is a Kate & Wills inspired Signature Cocktail from Luxurious Wedding Cocktails by Dress The Drink. It signifies the blending of their lives to become one, yet remain distinctive.

We rimmed the glass with our Black Sea Salt on one side and Lemon Ginger Sugar on the other side to represent their uniqueness. Because one of Kate's favorite flowers is the Lily, we accented the cocktail with a Dress The Drink white chocolate Precious Petal Calla Lily. The Calla Lily symbolizes the beauty of a relationship that will bloom continuously when lovingly nurtured.

YIN YANG Signature Cocktail is similar to a Lemon Drop Martini using Gin.


Our Luxurious Wedding by Dress The Drink White Signature Cocktail UNVEILING is filled with symbolism.

The UNVEILING of a symphony of garnishes is sure to delight you and your royal guests. We begin with a rim encrusted with our white and gold rimming sugar which represents the circle of life and the exchange of rings. Our edible 24K Gold Rose Bud floats on top of the liquid nectar representing the budding future that is about to bloom for the couple. Our White Chocolate Leaf embedded with edible 24K Gold flakes represents a single leaf which is the ancient heraldic symbol for happiness. The white cocktail softly reflects the aura and purity of the bridal veil.

White Signature Cocktail UNVEILING blends White Rum, clear Root Bear Schnapps, Crème de Cassis with Heavy Cream.


KISS is our Red Signature Cocktail from Luxurious Wedding Cocktails by Dress The Drink that brings on an explosion of emotions that will send you reeling. KISS is seductive enough to keep pace with the kiss from the royal balcony.

The WOW power is the Dress The Drink Edible Viola Swizzle Stick made from gourmet chocolate encrusted with raspberry sugar and topped with an edible Viola flower petal which signifies love and affection.

KISS combines raspberry and chocolate accented with vodka then garnish with Dress The Drink Gourmet Lemon|Ginger Blend with Dress The Drink Edible Viola Swizzle Stick.


The Gold Champagne Wedding Toast CHEERS from Luxurious Wedding by Dress The Drink is the ultimate champagne toast to honor the royal bride and groom.

An edible SweetGlazed Viola seductively floats on the champagne absorbing the flavor to enhance the last sip. The Viola represents love and affection.

3 carat gold dusted edible Diamonds anchor the bottom of the glass. Diamonds represent faithfulness, love, purity, innocence, and relationships filled with love.

The champagne flute is rimmed with 24K Edible Gold Flakes because Gold is associated with the Sun which is a symbol of happiness, success, attainment, prosperity and true friends. CHEERS!


CROWN Red Wine Garnish has high visual impact and formulated without flavor so it will not compete with the taste of your favorite Red Wine for your royal celebration. The Edible Sterling Silver and Edible 24K Gold Red Wine Signature Garnish from Luxurious Wedding Cocktails by Dress The Drink are sure to create a royal buzz.

Encrust the wine glass rim with our Edible 24K Gold Flakes and Edible Sterling Silver Flakes. The Gold and the Silver signifies the rays of the sun and the glow of the moon to light the way for the couple throughout their marriage.

CROWN Red Wine Garnish is a great companion for Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Mourvedre, Pinot Noir, Syrah or Zinfadel wines.