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Crystal Encrusted Champagne Toasting Flutes

Our Intertwined Toasting Flutes are elegant, sophisticated and impressive.

Made from Museum Gold Plate. A Pearl background brings out the design which is richly accented with Aurore Boreale Swarovski Crystals.

The Stem is 5-1/2" tall. The 6 oz. Champagne Bowl rises approximately 5" high and unscrews so that an interchangeable White Wine Bowl or a Red Wine Bowl can be inserted for may uses in your married life.

Made in the USA by skilled Artisans, they are more beautiful than you can imagine. "I just received the toasting flutes and I wanted to tell you the website does not do them justice. They are so beautiful. I just love, love, love them. I have never seen anything like them. I am so thrilled and so glad I purchased them." Lisa M.

Available through Luxurious Wedding Accessories.