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Add A Finishing Touch Of Elegance To Your Event With Glamorous Garnishes

Beverage Garnishes are the hot, new event decor accessory. They are the unsuspected addition that will inspire your theme or add the finishing touch to your reception decor.

By simply adding a garnish of our edible 24K Gold dust to the rim of a water glass with a sweet glazed edible Rose Bud float your table decor will be transformed. Our white chocolate leaf embedded with edible 24K Gold as a napkin or plate accent is a lovely finishing detail for a Fall wedding.

The Luxurious Wedding | Dress The Drink beverage garnishes are beautiful and absolutely beyond delicious. They are the perfect pairing for beverage, food and dessert presentations including Wedding Cakes, Coffee, Wine, Champagne, Beverages, Signature Cocktails and non alcoholic Mock Cocktails.

offers the opportunity to see, feel and taste how incredible they are when used as part of your event decor. There are garnishes to match every color scheme and theme. From water to wine ... cocktails to coffee ... the choices are endless.

Select the Luxurious Wedding | Dress The Drink garnish that you love from our 2010 Garnish Collection. Then Order your TASTING for 2. TASTING for 2 is a perfect way of sampling the signature garnishes before making your decision.

Remember, our Mixologists are at your service to create an exclusive beverage or cocktail recipe and garnish for your event or venue.

Get inspired by our Rustic Theme Wedding decor which shows you how we created a custom Birch cocktail and built an event around it and by using our edible flowers as cupcake and napkin accents. Perfect for your wedding cake too!