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Luxurious Wedding Linens - A Wedding Decor Essential

Luxurious wedding linens in an array of fabrics and colors are an essential decor element for a Luxurious Wedding. By using bold colors that mix, match, and harmonize, brides are able to create a wedding reception that is very different in look and design.

A favorite among celebrities and wedding planners, Susan Murray is know for her Linens of Distinction. She is a trendsetter in couture wedding linen designs and ships her couture linens and decor all over the world to brides planning a luxurious wedding.

Susan Murray actually picks up the phone to speak with brides and is filled with ideas and brimming over with creativity. Susan Murray shares her thoughts with each bride to be sure that the luxury wedding linen selection is in harmony with the wedding reception decor and theme.

Offering a wide range of rental linens, tablecloths, chair covers, napkins, decor and reception accessories, Susan Murray herself has been developing the looks and creations for the event industry for the past 10 years. Many people can tell you where the trends are today, but knowing where the trends will be going is what truly what puts Susan Murray International in a class of its own.

Ask Susan Murray to embellish your linen selection with embroidery and silk screening to create your own personalized wedding decor. They also use silk screening on T-Shirts for a memorable and unique wedding favor. Custom Orders and Worldwide Shipping Available.

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