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The Perfect Ceremony Toss For A Green Wedding

An eco-friendly Rose Crowned Cone for your Ceremony Toss is perfect for a Green Wedding. Made from handmade Mulberry paper, they are pretty as a picture and earth friendly too.

Cluster these pretty paper flower cones in hanging baskets or ceramic pots around the exit from the ceremony area. Hang a Ceremony Rose Cone on the back of each chair or place one on each chair seat to grace the wedding program. Suspend a Ceremony Cone on the edge of the pew from their attached ribbon for your guests to take on the way out.

The paper Rose Bloom on the top of the cone lifts off for your wedding toss. Fill them with Lavender Bud Wedding Rice, Eco Friendly Confetti, or Freeze Dried Rose Petals. All are earth friendly yet ever so pretty to the eyes and a colorful image for your wedding photographer to capture. Fill them with
Jordan Almonds
and they can be used as a Wedding Favor too.

Throwing things at the wedding couple symbolizes good luck, fertility and abundance.

Lavender Bud Wedding Rice is a tradition that dates back to Ancient Rome.These 100% pure lavender buds are completely biodegradable. They won't harm birds or the environment and when the lavender buds are crushed underfoot, the delicate fragrance is released again and again.

Luxurious Wedding envisions you sprinkling the Lavender Bud Wedding Rice on the walkway leading into the ceremony. A subtle aroma will be release that is know to relax your spirit and make you feel less stressed so that your spirits will soar as you float down the aisle.

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