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Luxurious Wedding Floral Designer Jorge Cazzorla of Celebrate Flowers

Luxurious Wedding floral designer Jorge Cazzorla, President and Creative Director of Celebrate Flowers, created his floral eye candy for the Spring in New York City MACY'S FLOWER SHOW. Brides got a chance to meet Jorge personally to see his magnificent work and speak with him about what new visions he has for wedding floral decor.

Celebrate Flowers is a prestigious, New York based, full-service Wedding, Interior Design and Event Planning company. Jorge Cazzorla is recognized as one of New York's most successful and sought after wedding designers. His background in architecture, art and graphic design have inspired his floral designs. His understanding of structure, color, texture, lighting and composition deliver breathtaking floral arrangements and elegant environments.

As a native of Venezuela, Jorge Cazzorla includes cultural and artistic energy into his designs. As a featured designer in Macy's Annual Flower Show, he single-handedly expanded the concept from "flower-in-vase" design to full-scale floral installations. Now in his sixth year with the show, he continues to be at the forefront of innovation.

Luxurious Wedding loves Jorge Cazzorla Celebrate Flowers and so will you!