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A Wedding Cake Made From Massive Amounts Of Bride & Groom Brownie Pops

For the Brownie vs. Blondie lovers, there will be plenty of these Brownie Pops to go around if your host gets on the bandwagon and orders these scrumptious tasty delight for the holidays.
The Brownie and Blondie flavors are decorated with different designs and wrapped in chocolate coating. They come festively decorated as pumpkins and apples for Thanksgiving and various designs for the Holidays. Can you imagine what a hit you will be as the guest who brought the most talked about treat for all to enjoy?

Luxurious Wedding simply adores massive amounts of the bride and groom Brownie Pops displayed on silver trays or tiers. Any bride thinking of substituting a wedding cake for cupcakes, should think about how fabulous the Bride & Groom Brownie Pops would look instead. The Bride Pop is dressed in white chocolate with candy pearls and a delicate lace bodice made of white nonpareils. The Groom Pop is decked out in a milk chocolate tux and tie with a white chocolate shirt.

The Pops come in five different designs (bride, groom, filigree, scrolls and vintage)so you can be alternate the designs on the different layers to create an elaborate tier. Not only a great photo as the cake but for you and the groom taking a bite out of each others Pop. Your wedding guests will find this all so delightful and amusing How sweet of you to send them home with a thank you note attached to a Brownie Pop as the wedding favor.
The Brownie Pops have a fresh-baked brownie or blondie center and measure approximately 1 3/4" diameter x 4 7/8" high (including the stick). They arrive wrapped in a cellophane bag with an organza bow and packaged either individually or as a pair. You can order your Brownie Pops for the Holidays now.

I know......... you want to say Beaucoup! Yes, once again it's Beaucoup!