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HOOPSkirt 101© The Girlfriends Guide To Wearing A Really Big Wedding Dress!


nce upon a time in the not so distant past...there was a wedding planner named Nancy Swiezy whose expertise was called on to plan destination weddings in Newport, Rhode Island, New York City and the Hamptons on Long Island. This wedding planner had encountered many strange situations but there was one situation that had eluded her. The Hoop Skirt.

The Hoop Skirt?? say! Yes, that mysterious support system that takes on a life of its own under a wedding gown with a really, really big skirt. "But why the sudden interest in a Hoop Skirt?", we asked. "Oh yes, we see" we replied, as she explained that her 2009 Newport Bride, Jennifer Fessler, had proclaimed that the design of her wedding gown included a skirt with a circumference 10 times the size of her waist! How darling, she thought. How daring and then "How will her bride ever be able to walk, move, sit, pose?"
Like any great wedding planner who takes a simple concept and turns it into something colossal, Nancy Swiezy got to work researching the origins of the Hoop Skirt and ended producing a clever, creative and delightful, 4 minute video, with a bit of the Brit humor our London brides will enjoy. Nancy shows us how to sit, walk, and other navigational nuances for wearing a Hoop Skirt. Even if you are wearing a stunning sheath down the aisle, you will enjoy watching it. So go to Nancy Swiezy's blog and get out the popcorn and press play!

Image of bride in hoop skirt by Kevin Kramer. For more luxurious wedding ideas and resources, be sure to visit Luxurious Wedding .com